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FREE - Salesforce Maturity Assessment 

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During my time at Salesforce, I oversaw the implementation of every Salesforce deployment that Salesforce partners delivered. The ones that got the most scrutiny were the ones where customers were disappointed. This unique experience gave me the opportunity to identify and evaluate the following. Are customers getting the value of the subscription that they are paying for? Is the Salesforce promise being realised that drives revenue growth and/or cost reductions?

With that experience and those learnings, I have gone and built a proprietary Salesforce Maturity Assessment. The assessment is a C-Level document that provides easy to read analysis and recommendation on the four foundations of a salesforce implementation People, Technology, Change Management, People and Technology.

The Process

  1. Simply book an hour using the "Book It" Button

  2. During the hour I'll provide you with an overview of the assessment and conduct a series of questions across Technology, Strategy and Vision. People and Change Management

What's in it for you?

You'll receive a tailored four-page Salesforce Maturity Assessment. Bear in mind that this assessment will be looking through the unique lens of someone who has reviewed 100's of Salesforce Implementations. Your assessment will help you determine whether you are getting value for money, recommendations on ways to get better outcomes and also a commentary on "what else" is possible for your business with the Salesforce platform.

What I am asking for in return

This exercise for me is about establishing my brand, trust, and credibility in the New Zealand market. Moderno Solutions have highly skilled certified consultants that are priced very competitively. At most, it would be great to pitch on some of the work you have available. Especially from the recommendation of the Maturity Assessment. At the worst, it would be great to get a customer reference on the work I have performed.